A Frankenstein of sonic ingenuity combining the standout vocals of singer/songwriter Mike Hogan with the orchestral production values of Jon Scholl.  Powerful lyrics, sweeping guitar lines and aggressive percussion make for a compelling mixture of heart, soul, and honesty. Coupled with a consistently energetic live show, Startisan has built an incredibly loyal and broad-reaching fan base. 



Q: What does 'Startisan' mean?
A: Startisan is an amalgamation of ‘star’ and ‘artisan’.  The concept is a metaphor for creating music in general.  Artisans are extremely skilled craftsmen who create things with their hands.  Stars are brilliant, powerful, beautiful and for all intents and purposes eternal.  The idea is that we as songwriters/musicians are creating something with our hands that will outlast all of us and essentially exist forever.  The stars are our music and we are their architects.  And although there are millions of other stars we didn’t create, there’s a little constellation that’s ours and will last forever. 

Q: How did the band form?
A:  We are sort of a melting pot of musicians.  We formed from the ashes of several disbanded groups in the Baton Rouge area.  We were all familiar with each other from previous bands we had been in and found our way into this group after all of our former bands separated. 

Q: How long have you been together? 
A: 5 years 


Q: Who/What is 'Azraline'? 
A: Azraline is the personification of a person’s deepest desire.  Whatever it is that you want most in the world at any given moment.  


Q: If you had to use one word to summarize the main idea, theme or message of each of your songs, what would it be for each of them?  

    Rise - Adversity 

    Ignite - Bohemian  

    Change - Apathy 

    Redemption (is a Fantasy) - Lie 

    Lament - Why? 

    Let Me Go - Apology 

    C'est La Vie - Frustration  

    Dreams of Youth - Inspiration 

    All I Need - Azraline 

    Higher - Yolo (that's a word now right?) 

    Thick & Thin - Connected  

    Quit or Run - Musician